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Inform the calibration supervisory authorities

Information for users of measuring devices on the obligation to notify according to § 32 MessEG from 01/01/2015
(Status: 28.10.2014)


quick info 

What do I have to do as a meter user from January 1st, 2015 regarding the obligation to notify?

  • You must report the use of new or renewed measuring devices to your responsible calibration authority within 6 weeks after commissioning.

  • The best way to do this is to use the central reporting platform (

  • You can either display individual measuring devices or use the simplified report for several measuring devices of a measuring device type, provided you have the appropriate lists with the required data.

  • See #8 for detailed information on the ad

Frequently asked questions about the duty of disclosure  

    1. Obligation to notify - where does it say that? 
      From January 1st, 2015, the new Measurement and Calibration Act1 (MessEG) and the Measurement and Calibration Ordinance (MessEV) will come into force. Section 32 (1) of the MessEG requires that anyone who uses new or renewed measuring devices must report this to the competent authority under state law no later than six weeks after it has been put into operation.

    2. Why was this notification requirement introduced? 
      With the new MessEG, the previous initial calibration of measuring devices is no longer necessary. As a result, the calibration authorities no longer have any knowledge of the location of the measuring devices used. To ensure that effective market surveillance in terms of consumer protection is still possible, the legislator has introduced the obligation to notify.

    3. Which measuring devices must be displayed?
      In principle, all measuring devices used must be displayed in accordance with MessEG and MessEV. The obligation to notify does not apply to material measures such as weights or serving dimensions and not to additional equipment.

      What is a measuring device within the meaning of MessEG and MessEV? 
      Measuring devices are all devices or systems with a measuring function that are intended for use in business or official transactions or for carrying out measurements in the public interest. So if e.g. B. Strawberries are sold by weight or gas by volume, these are measuring devices within the meaning of MessEG and MessEV. However, certain areas of application are excluded. 

      How can I determine whether my specific measuring device is to be reported?

      • A list of measuring device types can be found on the central registration platform (see also 8).

      • Another decision-making aid can be  "Overview of scope and exceptions to MessEG and MessEV"  Offer.
        These can be found at: There you will also find the corresponding sources in MessEG and MessEV.

      • If in doubt, please contact your responsible calibration authority (

    4. Do I also need to report gauges that I already have before  put into operation on 01/01/2015?
      No, the obligation to notify only applies to new or renewed measuring devices that are put into operation after January 1st, 2015. Measuring devices that were used before January 1st, 2015 do not have to be reported until they are renewed.

    5. What is a refurbished meter?
      If a measuring device that has already been put into operation has been changed so significantly that a new conformity assessment has to be carried out instead of verification (the decision is made by the verification authority), then this measuring device is considered renewed. A renewed measuring device is equivalent to a new measuring device and must also be displayed (again).

    6. Who is the user of the measuring device and is therefore obliged to report it?

      • The user is the person who has the legal and actual control over the functions of the measuring device (functional authority).

      • "Use" only exists if the measuring device is to be used for one of the purposes specified by law (see also 3.: Which measuring devices must be reported?)

      • In the case of supply measuring devices in the area of the Energy Industry Act - EnWG (gas, heat, electricity) and household water meters at the main connection, it can be assumed, for example, that the metering point operator (according to Section 21b EnWG) is the user of the measuring device.

      • Metering service providers who not only contractually take on the billing (e.g. of heating costs) but also, for example, rent, maintain and regularly replace supply measuring devices, can also be assumed to be the user of the measuring device.

      • The user of a complex measuring device, which consists of several elements operated by different people, is generally the person who operates the evaluation device, since that is where the metrologically relevant process of evaluating and displaying the measurement results takes place.

      If in doubt, please contact your responsible calibration authority (

    7. Can someone other than the user make the report?

      • Yes, e.g. eg the dealer who sells you the meter could do the display for you if they offer this service and you hire them to do it. Likewise, e.g. B. Measuring device operators of consumption meters (electricity, gas, water, heat meters) commission measurement service providers with the display.

      • However, the respective user remains responsible for the display.


    8. How can the notification be made?

      • Yes, e.g. eg the dealer who sells you the meter could do the display for you if they offer this service and you hire them to do it. Likewise, e.g. B. Measuring device operators of consumption meters (electricity, gas, water, heat meters) commission measurement service providers with the display.

      • However, the respective user remains responsible for the display.


      1. Who should I report to?

        • The simplest option is to report via the central registration platform on the Internet at  The registration platform will be available on the Internet from the end of 2014.

        • You can also send the notification directly to your responsible calibration office or your calibration authority. The addresses can also be found at

        If the above-mentioned channels are not available to you, a uniform central fax and postal address for the calibration authorities is also available: 

        Office of the AGME c/o German Academy for Metrology at the Bavarian State Office for Weights and Measures 
        Franz-Schrank-Str. 9 
        80638 Munich 
        Fax: +49 (0) 89 17901-386

      2. What data do I have to provide (scope of the report)?

        In the case of an “individual report” (cf. also 8.3), at least the following must be stated:
        1. the type of device (=> you can find a selection list on the central registration platform) 
        2. the manufacturer 
        3. the type designation 
        4. the year of marking of the measuring device, e.g.: => year of marking: 2015
        5. The address of the person using the meter

      3. I use several measuring devices of the same type. How can I minimize the display effort?

        You don't have to report every single meter! 

        According to Section 32 (2) MessEG, the notification can also be made by the user:

        • no later than six weeks after the first measuring device of a measuring device type has been put into operation, about which measuring device types he is using


        • ensures that overviews of the measuring devices used with the following information are immediately made available to the competent authority on request:

          Example of an overview list to be kept: Note:
          You only have to keep this list and only send it to the calibration authority when requested! If you use several types of measuring devices (e.g. non-automatic scales and automatic scales), a display is still required for each type of measuring device.



            device type  |  Manufacturer  |  type designation  |  year of  Labelling  |  address of  user  |  place of use


            scale      Mettorius      TAS ETZ-7                2015                   Helmut Muster           Sample street1, sample city


    9. How do I know if my ad has been received?

      You will receive confirmation that the advertisement has been received (by e-mail if you have registered electronically). The confirmation also serves as evidence if, for example, calibration officials ask for it on site.

    10. Does the notification also count as the first calibration application for the measuring device?
      No, the calibration must be applied for separately.

    11. What happens with my data?
      Your data will only be used for the statutory purposes of the Measurement and Calibration Act. In the case of electronic reporting, your data will be assigned to the locally responsible calibration authority. Only the responsible calibration authority has access to your data.

    12. What happens if I don't report it or don't report it in time?
      If the notification is not made, not correct, not complete or not in time, this constitutes an administrative offense according to the MessEG, which can be punished with a fine.

    13. How can the ad look like?

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